Nazareth Catholic Parish

Grovedale, Torquay and Anglesea

Mass Returns

After 2 weeks of not being able to celebrate Mass in our Churches we are excited to welcome everyone back this weekend.

Please make sure that you:

· Arrive early

· Continue to use the QR code to scan in upon entry

· Wear a face mask at all times inside the church


Under the current restrictions we do have capacity limits for each of our Churches.  Once a church reaches this limit we will, unfortunately, need to close the doors.

St Christopher’s —100 people capacity

St Therese Church—100 people capacity

Nazareth Church—83 people capacity

Arriving early is the best way to be sure of getting a seat.


Updated Friday 30th July 2021


REACH Vietnam 2021


We introduced this young lady to you in 2019 as Ngan. Her name is in fact, Ngil. Once again her story is a great way to illustrate the good we, as a parish, have achieved in Kon Tum. Ngil came to Sr Phuong in 2013, with her mother being unable to feed this her youngest. We parishioners first met her in 2014 when she was in early primary school. We met her again in 2019 just before she started high school. Later in 2021 she will go into her third year of high school as we enter our ninth year of support. So Ngil has been with every girl who the nuns and us have nurtured through the period – a total number now around 100.

Our great desire is to keep supporting this great work, now led by Sr Simone. We would love to see Ngil complete high school or go as far as she can, but then also continue our support into the future. I think it is hard for us to contemplate the change we have enabled for these 100 girls and their families, through supporting them to continue at school as long as possible, generally far longer than was possible before this project.

To achieve this goal we are, as ever, totally reliant on your support, and with our numbers shrinking post Covid lockdowns, we need you to dig ever deeper.

So over to you!!

REACH Vietnam Flyer 2021



Faith Formation 2021

Please book for each of the four Faith Formation 2021 Sessions, using this TryBooking link:


Session 1 Wed 17 Feb, 2021 4pm-5.30pm


" Never loose an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautiful; for beauty is God's handwriting - a wayside sacrament" Ralph Waldo Emerson

This session will unpack this quote and explore the relationship between the 'wayside sacraments' of our daily lives and the seven sacraments, by making use of Scripture, art and the Encyclical 'Laudato Si'.

Session 2 Tues 11May, 2021 4pm-5.30pm


"A Sacrament does not tear human beings away from this world. It addresses an appeal to them, asking them to look more closely into the very heart of the world." (Leonardo Boff, Sacraments of Life, Life of the Sacraments, p32)

" A sacrament basically emerges as a meeting between God, who descends tothe human being, and the human being, who ascends to God. without that meeting, a sacrament remains an inmcomplete work." (Leonardo Boff, Sacraments of Life, Life of the Sacraments, p76)

This session will explore the centrality of baptism, especially in the documents of Vatican II; the relationship between Baptism and Confirmation; the historical changes over the last 200 years.

The focus will be the relationship between these two sacraments and life. They are not one-off events, but rather they initiate us into a life of commitment and co-responsibility within the parish, the school and society.

Attending Mass

As we continue through this time of COVID Normal, the ability to contact people who may have been exposed to the Corona virus is of vital importance in dealing with any outbreak. Because of this the Victorian Government has changed how the QR code system works to ensure that all contact data is quickly available to contract tracers, if required.

Consequently, effective from 24 April, the only way in which contact details will be collected at our churches is through the Victorian Government QR code system. Everybody attending Mass must scan the new Victorian Government QR code to record their contact details.

If you are unable to use your phone, or don’t have a phone, assistance will be available to help you as your details must be entered via a QR code. The recording process will be quicker on you next visit to the Church as the new system keeps your details on your smart phone.

Please be patient when you arrive at the Church as, initially, this may take some time to get used to.

As we now need to collect your contact details at the Church, and given the capacities of our churches, booking to attend Mass is no longer necessary and the use of will stop from Monday 19 April.

Saturday Vigil 6pm @ St Christopher's Church, Anglesea

Sunday 8.45am @ St Therese Church, Torquay

Sunday 10.30am @ Nazareth Church, Grovedale


To help with the entry process it is suggested you download the 'Services Victoria' app to your smart phone. Once you have used the app once your name and phone number will remain to make for a faster check in process everywhere you use it. 


Session 3 Wed 11 Aug, 2021 4pm-5.30pm


"The model for all catechesis is the baptismal catechumenate when by specific formation, an adult converted to belief is brought to explicit profession of baptismal faith during the Paschal Vigil". (Synod, MPD Message to the People of God, 8.)

This session will unpack the five elements of formation which have formed the 'identity card' of being a Christian over the last 2000 years - the ID Card being the mantle of becoming 'Missionary Disciples'. it will then explore how this concept of being missionary disciples is to be the model and pattern of all Christian life, in families, schools and parishes within the world.

Only a clear and shared vision will touch the heart of  every individual in the parish and in the schools, and mobilise them towards sharing in the mission of Christ and of the Church with one heart. 

Session 4 Wed 27 Oct, 2021 4pm-5.30pm


"...the liturgy is the summit toward which the activity of the Church is directed; at the same time, it is the source from which all her power flows."  (Sacrosanctum  Concilium, 10)

This session will explore how the four main elements of the Eucharist (The Gathering, The Liturgy of the Word, The Liturgy of the Eucharist, The Concluding Rite)  have the power to shape us and transform us, in turn empowering us and sending us out to re-shape and transform our society and our world into a more just, compassionate, forgiving and loving community.

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Covid updates

The Melbourne Archdiocese has just recently updated their website. For the latest updates on please see here Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne

The best place to get National updates on COVID-19 is the Australian Government Department of Health.

The best place to get Victorian updates on COVID-19 is the Department of Health and Human Services Victoria