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Sacrament of Baptism

Nazareth Catholic Parish celebrate the Sacrament of Baptism in 2 Churches. On the 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month at Nazareth Church Grovedale and 2nd & 4th Sunday of each month at St Therese Church, Torquay.

BOOKINGS are essential and often require around 6 months notice

To baptise a child into the Catholic Church at least 1 parent must be a baptised Catholic and will be asked to provide a copy of their baptism certificate.

Preparation for children who are in grade 2 or younger in 2024

Before a baptism occurs families are required to attend a baptism preparation session. This session is held on the 1st Wednesday of each month. At least 1 parent must attend but the whole family is welcome. The sessions are at 7pm at St Therese Church, Torquay and go for approximately 1 hour. Book a baptism for you child who is grade 2 or younger.

Preparation for children who are in grade 3 and above in 2024

As the children in this age range are considered old enough to be able to make an informed decision regarding their faith, their preparation for baptism is more informative. There is an after school preparation program held only in term 1 each year.
During the course of this prepartion program a baptism date will be set with the family. 

Baptism Offering

Each family is asked to give a gift of thanks in support for the baptism program. This goes towards the ongoing support of the baptism program including but not limited to administration, resources, cleaning, priests stipend, and the baptism candle & stole.
$165 for the baptism of 1 child
$240 for the baptism of 2 children, an additional $75 for each child there after.

Please make payment once your baptism date has been confirmed
Nazareth Parish
BSB: 083 347
Acc: 65387 6245
Ref: Child’s surname and school

Candle and Stole

The parish provides a candle and stole for each child. The stole is long enough that further Sacraments could be embroidered onto if you wish. Of course you are welcome to source your own. Both the candle and stole will be made available to each child on the day of their baptism.

Letter of permission

If we are unable to baptise your child on your chosen date or you wish to baptise your child outside of the parish please send an email with the following details requesting a ‘letter of permission’. This a courtesy that all priests extended to one another.

Child’s full name

Child’s date of birth

Parents names and religion

Current home address

Send an email to grovedale@cam.org.au