Nazareth Catholic Parish

Grovedale, Torquay and Anglesea

Listening to God by listening to one another.

Together, we are on a journey of listening to God by listening to one another. We invite all Australians to engage in an open and inclusive process of listening, dialogue and discernment about the future of the Catholic Church in Australia.

Your voice is needed – join in! Speak boldly and with passion, listen with an open and humble heart. With faith and guided by God’s Holy Spirit, we journey together, toward the future.
The 2020 Plenary Council website is now up and running and you can access quite a lot of information there. A link is provided to the three year process to be undertaken from Pentecost onwards, and you can stay up to date by subscribing to the Newsletter, or by acccessing the Plenary Council 2020 Facebook page.

A Plenary Council for the Australian Church

Welcome to our updated pages on the 2020 Plenary Council (hereafter refrred to simply as  '2020'.) All of the previous content has been reorganised into a more logical flow and so you might like to take time to read through the various pages in the sequence, by using the NEXT button (or BACK). As we get closer to the launch of the 2020 at Pentecost 2018, more and more material will appear on thse pages, so don't forget to check baack regularly.
Australia has not had a Plenary Council for about 80 years, so it is something new for most of us, and it is something that we don't have a lot of information about...yet.  One thing we do know and understand though, is that if the Council is to have any positive and lasting effects on our Australian Church we have to be interested and involved. Every single person who sees themselves as part of the church, regardless of their activity or closeness to the church community needs to get involved, to speak up, and needs to ensure that their voice is heard.
On every page is a link to our submission page, where you have any opportunity you want to contribute thoughts, comments, criticisms and affirmations to our parish discussions - please make sure you take up our invitation.

Creating a Synodal Church - speaking with and listening to each other


Below, we offer the outcomes resulting from both THINKING NATIONALLY and THINKING LOCALLY as they appeared in the material handed in at the close of the day by each of the scribes to the five groups.   [You might note that the THINKING NATIONALLY reports may at times appear fuller, so please remember that the Plenary Council submissions had to be no more than 1000 characters, including spaces.]


Below, we have given what has been submitted to the Plenary Facilitation Team on behalf of our parish. Most of the scribes took copious notes of the comments. However, the requirement of the Plenary Council Submission is that all submissions need to be 1000 characters ONLY (including spaces!) so what is published here is what has been submitted, as a truncated and edited version of your comments.

Julia Clancy

How important is this project to revitalise the Catholic Church? Very important.

Small Group 11

After brief discussion about how the Plenary Council is approved, sets an agenda and is prosecuted, the sharing session started with the Council prayer. 


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