Nazareth Catholic Parish

Grovedale, Torquay and Anglesea


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Taking That First Step

Anything new always requires a first movement and faith is no different.  Each one of us is on a journey and every journey is different. Whether you are visiting or planning on staying; whether you are looking for faith or wanting to return to an active faith, that first step is the beginning  - and our arms are open wide, waiting, so that together we can grow in the love of Christ.
For being a Catholic is to be called into a close relationship with God himself.  It implies that you know yourself to be loved by God; that you are important to God; and that His love is for you is complete and never failing.  The proof of His love is all around you, and is summed up completely in His Son, Jesus Christ.
So, come...take that first step...and join us as we celebrate Sunday Eucharist. It is when we come together as the Body of Christ that the world understands the sign of the invisible reality that we are in spiritual union with Jesus Christ.